Cylwin Knitfashions

Know our Story


Governed by vision, spirit and insight of Founder and Managing Director Mr.Chinnasamy, Cylwin is a name of success. Its inception was seen in the year 1991 as a small sector, Gradually the growth of the company has reached 15 Million US dollar per annum. The art of garment manufacturing units for different product groups that we have our own Knitting, Embroidery, Printing, Washing, Stitching divisions under one roof. Cylwin Knit Fashions today is the accomplished garment exports with the efficiency to manufacturing the largest number of knitted garments in the country. A potential of producing 2 Million garments per month. Export managerial and technical staffs and ensure world class quality standards. The company also has its own national premium apparel brand.

  • Constantly developing and producing quality products.
  • Being the dominant and preferred sourcing partners for our customers.
  • Enlisting, developing and encouraging the best employees  at all levels.
  • Creating cost awareness through the organization and our  associates.
  • Build and preserving customer and supplier partnerships.
  • Provide a professional service to all our  customers by way of price, quality and delivery.
  • Face all kind of future challenges of the rapidly  changing and dynamic business environment  through our committed and deserving team of employees.
  • Fosters a good support and understanding all parties.
  • Honesty and probity
  • Striving for excellence
  • Responsibility